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Official Server Rules


This is a list of Rules that every player should follow and obey. Failure to obey these rules may involve punishments depending on the rules broken. As Administrators, our duty is to keep the server clean and safe for every player to enjoy, and we cannot do that and keep the server perfect without your help. So if you see any of the players breaking the rules mentioned below, please Report him.
[Permanent Ban][Mute][Kick][Temporary Ban]

A. Hacking;

1a. Use of a hack, tool or any program that alters your game performance and gives you advantages over players is forbidden and not tolerated. May contain exceptions depending on the hack.
1b. If you spot a hacker, do good and use the /report function if one of the familiar Admins are on. If not, please take proof and report it on the forums. Shouting in the main chat will give the cheater some time to turn off his hack and/or leave.
» Punishment; Permanent Ban

Anti-cheat Info

The server has an Anti-Cheat system that bans players with certain hacks. Remember, this Anti-Cheat is not perfect enough to clear the server from Hackers. It will ban players with weapons that have been cheated-in and are not a part of another Class, such as Minigun & Rocket Launcher, and it also have other functions that only Administrators should be aware of.

B.Server Behavior;

2a. Going to the Zombie Spawn and killing zombies once they Spawn is not allowed and is count as a Spawn-Kill. Experienced gathered from this act will be taken. Spawn-killing when warned will end up with your account Reset, which means all your Experience, Kills and generally Stats will be gone. Even the attempt counts.
2b. If you spot a Spawn-killer, take proof of him Spawn-killing and report it. Make sure that a Head Admin is also contacted so an Experience Reset could be situated.
» Punishment; 1.Kill & take off gathered Experience. 2.Kill and reset account. 3.Temporary Ban

3a. Abusing Script-Related bugs is strictly forbidden and will lead to a straight ban if the bug gives a huge advantage. GTA & SA-MP Bugs are allowed and can be used anytime except the 2-Shot bug.
3b. If you spot a Bug-Abuser, make sure that the bug he's abusing is Script Related and send it straight to the Server Owner (SeV) to evade further abuses. Make sure you also take valid proof of him abusing it, and the bug itself.
» Punishment; 1. Temporary Ban. 2. Permanent Ban

4a. Respect the Administrators of Escape the Zombies. They are here to keep the server clean and allow you to enjoy it. Don't argue back and start flame-wars on simple problems that could be solved by talking to each other in a civil manner. If you still feel that an Administrator is unfair with you, be free to report him.
4b. Administrators are no superior than other players. If you feel that you are being continuously treated unfairly by an Administrator, feel free to report him. But be aware to bring valid proof.
» Punishment; 1. Mute. 2. Kick. 3. Temporary Ban

5a. Attempting to Evade getting killed, Evading a kill or logging off purposely to evade is not allowed. Incidents will end up with a ban.
5b. If you see an Evader, feel free to report him. The Administrators will take care of it as soon as possible.
» Punishment; 1. Temporary Ban

6a. Asking and/or begging for a rank or getting a rank in the Administration team of Escape the Zombies is not allowed and won't help you in anyway. Our Administrators are carefully selected and picked between the applicants, seeing as they fit for the rank and are capable.
» Punishment; 1. Mute.

7a. You may only have one account playing on the same IP. Generally one account per player. Creating another account to farm Experience and/or for other uses is not allowed and will result in a ban. If you have brothers/sisters playing on the same IP, make sure you inform the Administration Team.
7b. If you spot a Multi-Account user, please report him as soon as possible so the Administrators could take their move.
» Punishment; Permanent Ban

8a. Do not Advertise other servers in our server. If you want to Advertise your server, there's many online sites such as Sa-Mp Forums that will allow you to do so. Failure to obey this rule will lead to a Permanent Ban.
8b. If you spot an Advertiser, report him on the Forums. If an Administrator is online, it'll be taken care of.
» Punishment; Permanent Ban

9a. Attempting to leave the map or doing so will get you warned. Continuous acts will get you a Temporary ban, after getting warned through.
9b. Use the /report Function or report a Map-Leaver on the Forums if you spot one, it'll greatly help the Administrators make the server a better place.
» Punishment; 1. Warn & Respawn. 2. Kick. 3. Temporary Ban

10a. Sharing Experience to other players so they could use a class, and share it back to the original owner is not allowed and will result in the Experience shared to be taken off. You are allowed to share Experience to a player in this manner if the player who shared the Experience will change to a class that he can afford.
10b. Send a report to the Head Administrator if you see such acts for an Experience Reset.
» Punishment; 1. Experience Taken Off & Warn. 2. Temporary Ban

11a. As an Engineer or a Doctor, you are not allowed to abuse your Special Ability, which is either placing Boxes/Ladders or a Healing Heart. You are not allowed to climb up to a position that the Hunter Zombie cannot reach, you are also not allowed to block Doors and whatsoever with your Doctor Class.
13b. Report to online Administrators or report on the Forums if such acts have been seen.
» Punishment; 1. Warn & Respawn. 2. Kick. 3. Temporary Ban

C. Main Chat

12a. Any racism or discrimination is completely forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, religion or country of origin. Failure to obey this will result in a mute. Continuous acts will result in a Ban.
12b. If you feel offended by a certain player, feel free to report him to an Administrator for further actions.
» Punishment; 1. Mute. 2. Kick. 3. Permanent Ban

13a. Spamming in the main chat, Flooding, Insulting other players and/or Using unnecessary CAPS LOCK is not allowed and will lead to a Mute. You are to respect every player and talk to each other in a Civil Manner. Curses that are not player-related are accepted, but please try to censor and cease from such acts.
» Punishment; 1. Mute. 2. Kick. 3. Temporary Ban
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