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Rules for Administrators

1. A staff member should never use hacks or programs that give an advantage over other players.

2. A staff member acts professional, even if not professional, he should never abuse his power.

3. A staff member responds to questions of players on any issues associated with the server or modes. He should also try his best to help the player with his problem.

4. A staff member must play and act only under his nickname. If he played under another name, it will count as inactivity.

5. If the staff member is notified of the cheater/rule-breaker, he must first examine the accused and if the cheats are confirmed, actions should be taken. If the accused player is found not hacking, it is necessary to notify the player reported that the cheat/cheats are not found, and that it is probably a bug.

6. Head admins are to supervise the work of other staff members

7. Inactivity longer than 2 weeks should be reported to head admins or owner.

8. Staff members are not superior than other players, they are exact the same with only the difference that staff members administrate the server.

Stay updated.

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