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Donate at least 5 to "hechaos123@yahoo.com" on paypal to receive your V.I.P privileges. By doing this, you help us keep the server running. Not a single penny is wasted on anything other than server-related expenses. Only Paypal is accepted.

I've noticed that a few players want to get VIP but do not know how or who they are supposed to. This topic will list the VIP features and will attempt to clarify any confusions you have.
F.A.Q can be found below, by the way.

Why donate, you might ask? Donating really helps us in many ways. After you donate, we get closer to the amount of money required to keep the server you love online. Paying for hosted tab (Which boosted our playercount) and possibly a new forum isn't free at all. All of the money you donate is directed towards the server, just to keep it online so everyone would be able to enjoy his time online. I can confirm that not a single penny of what you have donated is used on anything that is not related to the server.

What do I get by donating my hard-earned cash? While you're not forced to donate, it's suggested if you appreciate what we do, you like this place and want to give us a helping hand or you want to place your hands on unique features. Donations are fair, and the boosts you get in-game will certainly crack a smile upon your face. By donating, you get a bunch of features that will be listed below. These features will help you a lot, and at the same time you'll be helping us.

I've decided to donate.
Great! There's two things you should keep in mind before donating.
~Refunds are not handed out. Donations are final, you will not get refunded after you donate. (Mainly because the money would be already spent.)
~You may not donate with a stolen/hacked/fake pay-pal account or money. Please, don't. You'll get everyone into trouble.

After reading these things, there's one more thing you need to keep in mind.

V.I.P pricing starts at 5 per month. You can donate 5 and you'll receive V.I.P for one month, or donate a higher amount and you'll receive your fair share of V.I.P privileges. Here's a quick "list" that should explain what I'm trying to say better.

5 - 1 Month VIP
7.5 - 1 Month & 15 Days VIP
10 - 2 Months VIP
15 - 3 Months VIP
20 - 4 Months VIP
25 - 5 Months VIP
50 - 10 Months VIP
100 - 20 Months VIP (1 Year & 8 Months)

You may buy V.I.P for another player, just keep in mind that you give us the correct in-game (And Forum name) of aforementioned player and the amount you donated.

We only accept donations via Paypal currently. Please, if you're willing to donate, send an amount that is at least 5 to hechaos123@yahoo.com on Paypal. Right after doing so, contact "[Ak]holy123" in-game, on the forums or on skype and he'll check you out A.S.A.P. After your payment's confirmed, you'll be set as a V.I.P as soon as you meet SeV in-game.

What are the VIP privileges? Currently, the implemented features are mentioned right below. More features will be added, hopefully.

VIP Menu - /vmenu, shows a list of most of the features
VIP Armor - Spawn yourself an Armor as many times as you want when you're a human
VIP Heal pack - /vheal, your character's HP will increase by 25 every time you use it. There's no limit to how many times you can use it, but it has a cool-down of 15 seconds.
VIP Antidote pack - /vcure, your character's infections will be cured. No limit to it, it only has a cool-down of 15 seconds.
VIP Laser - Give yourself a cool looking laser!
VIP Kick-back effect - Zombies won't dare to approach you if every shot you land on them makes them fly. It's really useful, yeah.
VIP Skin - Change your skin, your taste is what matters!
VIP Weather - Change personal weather, you won't be forced to play on a foggy map anymore.
VIP Time - Set your own time.
VIP Clear chat - Clear your own chat if you're tired of the spam.
VIP Tag - A Suffix that reads "[VIP]" will be added to your name.
VIP Weapons - A pack of unique weapons will be spawned for you! Sawn-off, Micro UZI, M4, Sniper, Chainsaw, Spray can, all the fun stuff!
VIP Chat - /v to talk with your fellow VIPs.
Colored ID - Your name's gonna flash with a bright yellow or alice-blue color. Very fancy stuff.
Login Message - When you Login, everyone knows who the boss is. A global announcement is posted just for you!
Anti High-ping - If you ping's high, worry not. You'll never get kicked.
Visibility in /vips - They should know who you are.
Flashing name - Your name's color gonna keep alternating between yellow and alice-blue. Fun stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Wait, SeV's the owner... Why are we donating to your paypal?
SeV's having some problems with his paypal account. I bought VIP and hosted tab to the server and suggested that the donations go to my paypal which I (Or SeV) can use to pay for the server's expenses. This mainly includes Hosted tab, may include a forum if the donations are enough. :)

Should I trust you with my money?
Obviously. We're just like any community that rewards it's players with love and care. We want everyone to enjoy his time on the server and find a place to spend time on when boredom strikes. By donating, we can confirm that every single penny you donated is spent on the server, and not on personal enjoyment. You'll receive your V.I.P privileges a few hours after you donate. We don't like scams or scammers either, so do not worry about us running off with your money. Thank you for donating!

Can I donate in another currency?
You don't have to worry about currencies, Paypal does everything for you. If you've got dollar, shuffle around Paypal's features and convert your dollar to Euros and donate. Or, you can just donate in Dollars and the money will be automatically changed once "holy" receives it.

I want to donate for the sake of helping the server.
We highly appreciate that! You can donate just like you normally would, but confirm that you're not interested in VIP or anything and you'll not receive it. (We do encourage you to try it out, by the way.). If you cannot afford VIP, but you still want to donate, we may be able to work something out. Anything helps!

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