Class Immunities.

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Immunity:Default, Mutated Not Immune To:Tanks, Screamers, nemesis, Flesh Eater, Advanced Mutated,witch, adv witch

Immunity:Tank Not Immune To:Everything Else

                                    Federal Agent
Immunity:Default, Mutated, Witch , adv mutated Not Immune To:Tanks, adv Screamer, nemesis, Flesh Eater

                                   Weapon Dealer
Immunity:Default, Mutated, Not Immune To:Tanks, Screamers, nemesis, Flesh Eater, witch , Adv Witch , adv mutated

                                  Hershel (le Old man)
Immunity:Default, Mutated, Witch , adv witch , adv mutated Not Immune To:Tanks, Screamers, nemesis

Immunity:Everything else except----> Not Immune To:Tanks, Nemesis

                                      Elite Survivor
Immunity:All Other than Nemesis Not Immune To: Nemesis

Other Classes. Can someone give me details about it and some admin edit this post?
I will not add classes will no immunity and boomers.


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