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Admin Requirements:

Before posting any admin application make sure that you have read this requirements fulfill, otherwise you will be automatic denied.

1. Respect all players and admins in game.
2. Respect all the rules on both server AND forum.
3. You must be an respectful and friendly person.
4. At least you must have 35 forum posts without spam.
5. You must be active on server and forum.
6. You must have a good english writing and speaking skills.
7. You must have played minimum 3 weeks on the server, thats important because then we know you more.
8. You are not allowed to asking admins to see your apply or to answer.
9. Must be over the age of 16! (THIS IS EXPLANATORY)

1. The staff team can change this requirements at any time without warning, so make sure, to check this all days.
2. After you got denied, you must wait two weeks to reapply.
3. When you are not an admin, you have not the right to post in any admin application, the only exception is if you have some personal information about him E.g. he hacked.
4. Posting in a another admin application or spamming in an other admin application or in forums for 35 posts, without a good reason, will be that preventing you from ever being accepted.
5: Must not false kick/mute/ban, consequences will be given if abused and/or will be demoted (Solid proof must be provided if asked by higher staff member)
6: Must always be active to check current Ban appeals, Information, etc.
7: You must act mature at all times, being in our staff team requires you to take everything seriously, after all Grand Theft Auto is an R rated game.
8: Never, ever abuse given powers otherwise you will be demoted and temporarily banned.
9: Always review peoples applications either being for Staff or even unban appeals, and do not deny or accept them without out good reason(s).

NOTE: If you are denied, you have to wait 3 weeks to re-apply. Otherwise you will be automatic denied.

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