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What are "Private Messages"?
"Private Messages" are like e-mails. However, you can send them directly from the forum. You can send messages to every member of the Forum that only the recipient can see. You need to be a registered member to use this feature.

What are "moderators?"
Moderators are members with special privileges.
Moderators are appointed by the administrator in order to keep to forums "clean and tidy". I.e. they watch out for illegal contents or insulting behavior. To fulfill this task, they have a few additional user rights (e.g. they can close or move threads and can delete messages of other users).
If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please get in touch with the administrator of the forum.

What is a "thread"?
In electronic forums, a "thread" is a set of messages (at least theoretically) discussing the same topic. That's why it is sometimes referred to as 'topic'.

How can I create a thread? What do I have to keep in mind when I create a thread?
To create a thread you may have to be a registered member of a forum. You can apply for membership by clicking "register", and fill in the necessary information. Please keep in mind that Cookies must be enabled to use the forum.
Before you open a thread in a forum, you should consider which category/forum your message fits in best before posting. Your thread will get more attention if you choose a precise subject. Please help us keeping the forum well-structured and thus more enjoyable to read!

Why should I register?
As a registered member of the forum you have plenty of advantages: You have full access to the forums and benefit from additional features like signatures, private messages, post subscriptions etc.

What is a signature? How can I change my signature?
Your signature is attached to each of your posts. Mind though, that you can only use this feature as a registered member.
You can create your own signature in "Settings".

What rules apply in the forum?
Just like in real life there are a few rules to be considered before posting. Posts with racist, pornographic or insulting content are not tolerated. The same applies to links to illegal material or pornographic sites. Make sure you respect the personal rights of the affected persons and organizations when you post personal data or material you didn't create yourself.

Privacy in this forum
When visiting this forum "Cookies" or "Web Beacons/Web Bugs" may be saved on and read from your computer by the forum and (if applicable) our external advertisement partners. You can define the way your browser handles Cookies for external sites in your browser's Internet settings page. To be able to log on to the forum, Cookies must be activated. Especially in the creation of content usage data will be stored as the time and the IP address.

What's the picture gallery and how do I use it?
The picture gallery is a great way to share images with other members of the forum. Images uploaded in the picture gallery can be included to forum posts by using the integrate-option when creating a post.

How can I download the Images in the picture gallery in full size?
The forum administrator may activate the Full size pic link-option. This will enable you to download all images in their original size.

What is the calendar?
The calendar feature enables you to create events. These events can be marked as private (so only you will be able to see them) or public. There's also an attendance status option, allowing members to set wether or not they will attend an event. Upcoming events can be displayed on the forum's main page. Member's birthdays are also visible in the forum calendar.

What's my profile guestbook?
If you enable the profile guestbook, other members may leave messages for you to see.

What's the Activity Feed?
The activity feed is a listing of all forum action. It's the easiest way to find out what you missed while you were offline.

How do I add pictures to my posts?
The easiest way to include images to you post is to use the "add file" funktion. After you have uploaded the image(s), you can click on insert to open the insert file dialogue. Within the dialog, you may choose the image size or alignment before adding it to the post.

What file types may i upload as attachments to a forum post?
We currently support uploading files with a size of up to 2 Mb and one of the following file types:.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .sxw, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .ppsx, .xlsx, .odt, .sxc, .xls, .zip, .rar, .mp3, .xml, .vsd

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